The Stepsister
from Hell

(1Hour 24 Minutes)

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Movie Includes: Female domination, Forced Feminization, Over the knee spanking, Mixed wrestling, Strap on, Girl on Girl, Bondage, S&M, White Panties Up skirt
And so much more…

The Stepsister from Hell  

Kade and Marie are stepbrother and stepsister living life in an affluent suburb.    Marie has to put up with her stepbrother’s domineering attitude and constant voyeurism.  Their mother re-marries and the two adult children find themselves with yet another stepsister, Crissy, who’s from the wrong side of the tracks.  Immediately their quiet household is thrust into chaos because Crissy won’t follow their self enforced pecking order.  Marie, trying to exert her own dominance, finds herself over the knee of her younger stepsister.  She is humiliated as the 18-year-old Crissy hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare ass.  The perverted Kade lets it go on long enough for his own satisfaction.  With the help of Marie he overpowers Crissy and sets himself up as the young master.

Crissy is bent on revenge and pretends to play nice with her new family.   She wins the trust of Marie and the two girls plot to take charge of their perverted, domineering stepbrother Kade.  They sneak back in the house and catch him trying on Crissy’s panties.   The two girls overpower Kade.   Marie, after years of being dominated, lashes out with a vengeance and insists on dressing the now beaten and humiliated Kade up as a girl.   Crissy plays along on the condition that Marie has to help tie up Kade in the end.  Jumping at the chance to get back at her abusive brother, Marie agrees.   The 
girls have their revenge treating the previously domineering Kade as a dress up doll and a whipping boy.   Just when it all starts to seem to good to be true, Marie begins to realize that maybe her sweet stepsister isn’t exactly who she says she is.  Could she really be The Stepsister from Hell?

A fetish movie to end all fetish movies with an erotic story line that you will never forget:

Female domination
Forced Feminization
Over the knee spanking
Mixed wrestling
Strap on
Girl on Girl
White Panties
Up skirt
And so much more…


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