The Dominant Stepmother
(1Hour 40minutes)

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Julia and Jonathan are spoiled rich kids from Beverly Hills. They havelived a pampered life where everything they have ever wanted has been handed to them on a silver platter. At least until their single Dad re-marries.  His new wife, Nyomi, takes it upon herself to discipline her unruly stepchildren.  Julia and Jonathan are bound, and gagged and forced to submit to their dominant stepmother.   When they are released they think they can out smart their father’s new wife by enlisting the help of the chauffeur, but soon realize they are up against someone who knows more about domination and discipline they ever dreamed of.   Nyomi uses the sibling rivalry between the brother and sister to turn them against each other.  When she spanks Julia for a childish outburst, Nyomi allows Jonathan to watch and film the whole thing.  Then Nyomi lets Julia take revenge on her brother.  Nyomi and Julia strip Jonathan of his clothes and his masculinity.   They dress Jonathan as a pretty little girl and his soft feminine features rival the good looks of his sister.  This results in the two stepdaughters competing with each other for the love and affection of the dominant Nyomi.



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Here is my review of your newest flick the stepmother. I liked it a lot, one of your best films for sure!. Super beautiful women in it. The sight of Nyomi in those white panties was bonertastic! And Billy Bales was amazing too. When her little skirt was lifted up and she was spanked on that amazing cute butt I could barely breathe. and the panty hand job in it was just perfect. Nyomi looks like vivica fox the actress so that was super good :D when it got to the end when they were in the classroom I was thinking oh man I wanna see more! This is a damn good film. Something this good deserves a series of films. Thanks guys you really made a good one with this one.
5 stars

This is really great! Your best yet! What makes it fun is Nyomi's joy in dressing up Jonathan, and Jonathan's adorable dresses! And then Jonathan crying out that he's a girl, and his sister insisting he's a boy! If ever there was one crying out for a sequel, it's this one. I'd love to see Jonathan in a wedding gown, his sister still insisting he's a boy!

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