The Stepsister From Hell...Kade and Marie are stepbrother and stepsister living life in an affluent suburb.    Marie has to put up with her stepbrother’s domineering attitude and constant voyeurism.  Their mother re-marries and they find themselves with yet another stepsister, Crissy.  Marie, trying to exert her own dominance, finds herself over the knee of her younger stepsister.  She is humiliated as the 18-year-old Crissy hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare ass.  Crissy eventually wins the trust of Marie and the two girls plot to take charge of their perverted, domineering stepbrother Kade.  They catch him trying on Crissy’s panties.   The two girls overpower Kade.   Marie insists on dressing the now beaten and humiliated Kade up as a girl.   A fetish movie to end all fetish movies with an erotic story line that you will never forget (Read More…)

Movie Includes: Female domination, Forced Feminization, Over the knee spanking, Mixed wrestling, Strap on, Girl on Girl, Bondage, S&M, White Panties, Up skirt, and so much more…



Hailey Makes the Boy Bride
Hailey Makes The Boy Bride Benny, the rich kid from the right side of the tracks, is marrying the sexy, seductive Louisa in two days.  His strict upbringing forbids him to have sex before he has taken his vows.  This sends the frustrated Louisa to find solace in the arms of her roommate, best friend, and secret lesbian lover Hailey Young.  Hailey is in love with Louisa and desperately wants her to call off the wedding.  Unfortunately, Louisa is not comfortable with being a lesbian and wants to go ahead with her story book wedding that she had dreamed about as a child...(Read More)

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The Dominant Stepmother

The Dominant Stepmother - Julia and Jonathan are spoiled rich kids from Beverly Hills.  They have lived a pampered life where everything they have ever wanted has been handed to them on a silver platter.   At least until their single Dad re-marries.  His new wife, Nyomi, takes it upon herself to discipline her unruly stepchildren.  Julia and Jonathan are bound, and gagged and forced to submit their dominant stepmother....(Read More) 

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Maid to Be the Boss

Kaylani, a submissive black maid, finds herself working for the spoiled and abusive couple of Fayth and Shawn.  Shawn beats her every time she breaks the rules, Fayth treats her as her personal sexual plaything.  Finally Kaylani fights back and reverses the roles on Shawn and Fayth.  The abusive masters are turned into the feminized sissy and the sexual slave of their mistress... (read more)

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Miss Carrie Ann's Boarding House
Travel back to an innocent time where a rebel shreds her petticoats and turns a rambunctious boy into a well behaved girl. In 1954, girls were girls and men were men...but at Miss Carrie Ann's Boarding House we find out what happens when those roles are reversed .  The strict head mistress, Miss Carrie Ann, has recently taken on two new boarders.  Devaun, a fiery young debutant, refuses to be sugar and spice and everything nice and begins to push the rules of society.  Kade...(click here to continue)

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Hailey Takes Control

Shawn and Brittiany, brother and sister, fight for the affections of Hailey Young.  Hailey spanks Brittiany for being a bad girl. As the spanking begins, Shawn returns home to catch the girls wrestling and spanking each other.  The girls catch Shawn watching and decide he deserves a punishment...(click here to continue)

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Model's Dungeon

If you’re looking for graphic fem on fem domination where there is a real struggle for control then this is for you.  This video contains explicit girl on girl, solo, and S&M…Enjoy!
 It’s the girls next door verses the diva from hell...
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